Join us this Sunday morning at 10 o'clock and get enrolled in a Connection Class. These Bible studies are geared to cover the different seasons of life. Small groups will help you grow as a Christian and connect with friends. You will have the option to choose a class that will last 13 weeks. After that, you will be able to enroll into a new Bible study.

Join one of these small groups this week and we will see you at 10 o'clock this Sunday!

Connection Groups include:

Salt & Light: A Study of Biblical Metaphors

Our Lord often used common illustrations to teach great truths. He used ordinary objects, relationships, and events to communicate extraordinary principles. Much of Paul’s instructions, too, were given through metaphorical language to which his hearers could relate. Analogies and metaphors help us grasp larger truths because they take us from our everyday experiences and lead us to what God desires to be daily realities in our Christian walk. In this class, we will examine thirteen metaphors that will help define, clarify, and instruct us in specific aspects of our relationship with the Lord. As we examine the basic characteristics of each, we will more thoroughly understand our responsibilities as Christians and learn how to successfully fulfill God’s design for our lives.


Transforming Truths: Life-changing Bible Passages Every Christian should Know

The inspired Word of God has the divine power to transform our lives. Every word of it. Too often, however, we hear God’s Word and perhaps even memorize it, but we neglect to apply it to our lives. When we grab hold of a truth from God’s Word and apply it to the very situations in which we live, we can experience its transforming power on a personal level. In this study, we visit thirteen of the most familiar passages from God’s Word and discover the life-changing power of these transforming truths.

It's Not What You Think: Surprising Principles of the Christian Life - Young Adults Bible Study

Our natural reasoning falls short—every time. We think we know how to handle the situations we find ourselves in and the challenges we face. We come up against obstacles, relationship struggles, financial pressures . . . and we have ideas of how to respond. In the end, however, our ideas are not only insufficient, but they are also usually the exact opposite of God’s ways. We think, for instance, that trials only bring pain; God says they bring growth. We think the way to get is to keep; God says the way to receive is to give. We think the greatest person has the highest position; God says the greatest is a servant. We think God uses great people; God says He delights to use insignificant people. In this study, learn principles that run contrary to our natural way of thinking but lead to spiritual growth and Christlikeness. You may find that God’s solution to your obstacle is just the opposite of your plan.