The Seagate Baptist Church recently celebrated 50 years

of serving the community of Naples, Florida.  God has been so good to us over the years and we thank Him for all that He has allowed us to accomplish in ministering to Greater Naples and its surrounding areas.

Seagate Baptist Church began as the Central Baptist Church of Naples, Florida under the authority and blessing of another independent Baptist church.  Its first location was on Seagate Drive just west of US 41.  Shortly after its conception, the name was changed to reflect its location in Naples.  The church has had four pastors including our current pastor and has been blessed by each of these servants of God.

Under the leadership of our Pastor Emeritus, Seagate began to experience great growth both spiritually and numerically.  At its original location, there were great days of special emphasis including a high day of over 1,000 people in attendance for one Sunday service.  As the church began to outgrow these facilities, the Pastor began to pray by faith that God would enlarge their property and increase their outreach in the community.  The church was landlocked and quickly realized that God was in its relocation.  

Seagate Baptist Church stepped out by faith and purchased their current 20 acres of property in its present location on Whippoorwill Lane.  At that time, Pine Ridge Road was paved only to the intersection of Airport-Pulling Road.  Members drove the nearly two miles of dirt road to what was seemingly the outskirts of town. 

Because of visionary leadership, Seagate is now located in the center of town giving us the title of "The church with a heart in the heart of Naples."

The church paved up to their section of Whippoorwill Lane and believed that God was going to develop this new area of their city and build His church!  Soon the auditorium was completed and the Dedication Service was conducted.  One year later the educational building was built debt-free and God enabled the church to continue to grow.     

Thousands of people have come to know the Lord and will be in Heaven one day because of the efforts of God's people and the leadership of Seagate Baptist Church.   Each week we are privileged to meet people throughout our community who have been influenced by this ministry and how we thank God for His goodness upon us.    

Now  under our current pastor, we look forward to seeing many more precious souls saved, baptized and added to the church.  We are excited about his vision and leadership as well as that of his staff. Church members and friends are growing as they are fed each week the powerful preaching of God's Word.  Within its pages, we find the source of our faith, the person of Jesus Christ.  Each service is filled with the richness of expository preaching, the goodness of godly music, the power of fervent prayer, and the fellowship of genuine, Christian believers.

Please pray that Seagate Baptist Church will continue to steward those God gives us to reach.  It is our church's mission to be a lighthouse sending the Gospel to Naples and around the world, "that all the earth may know that there is a God."